The Style Report is a strategic style advisory that offers editorial, personal and corporate styling advice across a range of areas, including conference partner programs, fashion parades and event hosting. As a nationally-recognised authority on style and backed by years of experience in fashion styling and journalism, director Laura Churchill’s unique outlook on style and fashion has seen her gain a loyal following locally and nationally.

Our clients benefit from a unique experience that is both informative and entertaining, with the overall aim to motivate them to find their best personal style.

From corporate clients to the individual, we ensure you are ready to look and feel your best. We work closely with our clients to help them build a confident platform that will assist towards achieving their goals – be that at a personal level in everyday life, or in the corporate world to develop and grow their career.

The Style Report are specialists in providing customised conference partner programs that entertain and inform corporate delegates’ partners with a stylist-led workshop and personal styling services at key shopping destinations in your city. This is a luxury service that includes a Style Report booklet for each guest which details all the knowledge required to shop and dress with confidence and dress with style. We have the experience and industry connections to deliver meaningful experiences and create lasting results.

The Style Report transforms the way our clients view fashion and their own personal style.